Who we are

FalseTrue is a small visualization studio based in Thessaloniki, Greece, founded in 2008.
Our mission is to produce imagery that reflects our clients ideas and perspectives, providing cost-effective and fast solutions.

What we do

We convert our clients ideas to imagery.
From unbuilt spaces to products and concept ideas we can provide the means to a visual translation.
Our services include Architectural visualization, motion graphics, TV commercials, sound design, animation and illustrations.

Our Clients

Our clients range from advertising agencies, product manufacturers, real estate developers, designers even archaeologists.

How we do it

With more than ten years in the Architectural field and more than 15 year on tutoring sketching and presentation techniques we’ve established a a profound understanding of visual composition and a heightened sense of artistic presentation.
We never stop exploring new ways, techniques and means to provide imagery of the highest quality.