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Unfair and Square

This is another simple test of Blender volumetrics and Natron in Post Production. The concept behind it is very simple “A small world that everything is cubic, even the trees”. It just popped-up in my head and finished only in a couple of hours.    

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Testing Natron In Post Production

I had Natron lying in my machines for a long time and I’ve never really tested it. So I decide to re-render and old project testing both Blenders Cycles Volumetrics and Natron in a couple of still images. I found that Natron is a very capable tool and as soon as you get used to […]

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Combine Harvester Case Study

Combine Harvester modeling texturing case study

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Blender Cycles Case Study

This is another Blender, Cycles Experimentation. I continue testing various combination and scenarios to see if it’s possible to have an architectural visualizations production ready work-flow, that is both free and open source. It’s not a super polished projects and there’s a lot of room for improvement but it served well my testing purposes. This […]

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