Blender Cycles Case Study

This is another Blender, Cycles Experimentation. I continue testing various combination and scenarios to see if it’s possible to have an architectural visualizations production ready work-flow, that is both free and open source.


It’s not a super polished projects and there’s a lot of room for improvement but it served well my testing purposes.

This is time I tested Blender and Cycles once again on a Linux Mint machine on an exterior scene with quite a lot of geometry coming mostly from vegetation.


All trees and plants were made using the fantastic Ngplant, an open source plant modeling software suite and scattered with Blender’s built in tools.

The whole house concept is insipired from Akasaka Shinichiro Atelier, Ordinary House.


All modeling was done apart from the trees with Blender and rendered with Cycles. Once again Cycles real time preview saved a lot of time during lighting and material setup, and it handled rendered times very well though I think if I get more familiar with it I could possibly cut down the render times.

I’ll continue tests but I think so far Blender and Cycles give more than satisfactory results.


The only thing that I really miss is the ability to do distributed rendering across multiple machines but maybe this could be a future release of Blenders development.


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