LuxRender Interior Archviz Case Study

Blender for modeling , LuxRender for rendering and Darktable for post production used in this case study.

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Blender Batch Render Script

A very useful script for those who run Blender on Linux OS. Basically it renders all “blend” files inside a folder, saves the renders in a specified location, displays notifications when necessary and finally creates a statistics text file in the same folder. The script runs blender console commands and sets variables with the help […]

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Unfair and Square

This is another simple test of Blender volumetrics and Natron in Post Production. The concept behind it is very simple “A small world that everything is cubic, even the trees”. It just popped-up in my head and finished only in a couple of hours.    

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Sketch and 2d animation case study

Sketch 'n Move

It’s quite some time that I’ve been interested in 2d animation. So I decided to refresh my sketching skills and do a couple of fast tests. This time I decided to try a Blender, Krita combo. I hope I’ll have the time to experiment some more maybe with different tools and techniques.

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